[nonprofit] Communications

Our Services

When used effectively — video, photography, websites, narrative and digital media can be powerful tools.

The following outlines our Consulting Approach and Production Services, which are tailored to help clients communicate in compelling ways to reach a range of Target Audiences.

Consulting Approach

  • Clarify communications needs and generate new solutions
  • Facilitate creative team processes during project management
  • Strengthen program outcomes through bilingual media and products
  • Design multi-purpose tools for training, outreach, fundraising and recruitment
  • Plan distribution strategies (web, video, print) to nurture alliances
  • Integrate social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo) with emerging tools
  • Synthesize empirical/anecdotal research into executive summaries
  • Draft grant requests and proposals
  • Incorporate client generated video and photography to document outcomes
  • Suggest culturally appropriate evaluation tools, to measure results

Production Services

  • Write, shoot and produce video, photography, websites, narrative and related content
  • Translate multi-lingual versions (e.g. Spanish, Cantonese, Hmong)
  • Deliver content in digital formats for media outlets (TV, radio, print, websites)
  • Provide and train for user-friendly website content management systems
  • Write collateral copy for evaluations, press kits, talking points, training guides
  • Interface with event planning and manage audio visual services
  • Oversee graphic design, photo releases, translators and narrators
  • Teach basic video, photography, social media and media relations skills

Target Audiences

  • Neighborhood leaders and community builders
  • Trainers, outreach workers, and cross-cultural facilitators
  • Managers, staff members and volunteers
  • Program officers, boards of directors and private individual donors
  • Networks, collaboratives, and associations
  • Media partners and broadcast outlets
  • Public sector agencies, commissions, and stakeholders
  • Researchers, academics, and educators
  • Waiting room clients, patients, constituents
  • Legislators, policy analysts, and advocates